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Precalculus word problem help

A certain right triangle has area 65 square inches. One leg of the triangle measures one inch less than the hypotenuse. Let x represent the length of the hypotenuse. Write the legs of the triangle... more
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Finding exponential decay given half-life problem

The half-life of a certain radioactive substance is 10 years. Initially there are 100 grams of the substance. Let A(t) be the number of grams of the substance at time t years. Find each of the... more
Word Problem Help Asap Precalculus Word Problem Word Problem Help


Continuous compound problem

How long will it take for an investment of $1000.00 to grow to $6000.00 at an interest rate of 3% if interest is compounded a) 3 times per yearb) Continuously
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Word problem help please!

The manufacturer of a CD player has found that the revenue R (in dollars) is R(p) = -4p2 + 1440p, when the unit price is p dollars. If the manufacturer sets the price p to maximize revenue, what is... more

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