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Chemistry Help Chemistry


Chemistry Combustion Reaction and Heat

I'm having problems with these questions (photo attached below) #1 and #2, if someone can help me with them please
Chemistry Help Chemistry


Chemistry Species and Bond Angles

Hello, if someone may help me solve this question on which has a smaller bond angle as shown in the picture below. I don't have enough information to solve this, it would be greatly appreciated if... more
Chemistry Help Chemistry


Chemistry Limiting Reactant and Theoretical Yield

If someone may help me with this problem attacked below, I can't seem to figure it out and its taking some time, please and thanks.


Chemistry Help please! Iodine Clock experiment

Calculate the concentration of KIO3 in the final mixture for each of your dilutions. Remember that the origional KIO3 was 0.200M and that the original dilution, when mixed with 10 mL of solution B,... more


Chemistry word problem, please help!

While you are doing heavy work, your heart pumps up to 25.0 L of blood per minute. Your brain gets about 3-4% by volume of your blood under these conditions. What volume of blood in liters is... more

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