Myco S.

asked • 06/06/21

Bass notes in guitar chords

Hi! I'm curious why the bass notes in some guitar chords aren't the lowest. In the D Chord, the D note is the second lowest. I wonder what I'm missing.

Thank you

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Myco S.

Ok! My dumb ass forgot to include open D string as part of the chord. Since most theory seems like it's explained for piano, however, I find it vexing how the notes in a triad don't always show up in order. The third and fifth seem to show up in whatever order they want. Like, D is X, X, root, fifth, root, third. It makes it harder to create new voicings. guess that's how the cookie crumbles! Thanks man, I appreciate it. P.S. I live in Powers!


Michael G.

Yes, compared to piano the voicings are quite unique. It's a big part of what gives guitar its trademark, well... voice. You CAN play piano voicings on the guitar when playing your triads, but the result kinda sounds to most people like a keyboardist playing a guitar patch. Would look like: A Major 5-4-2-x-x-x (R-M3-P5-x-x-x) A Minor 5-3-2-x-x-x (R-m3-P5-x-x-x) This shape can be moved up and down the neck, obviously. Root on 7th fret, you'll have B major (or minor, whichever shape you're using.) You can also move it down a string and it'll still work in this shape, but if you root down one more (4th string) you'll have to change the shape a bit, because of the way the guitar is tuned. It's a bit more common in metal to use this "piano" type voicing because the resulting sound is a bit darker and punchier under distortion. The chances that we both live in Powers is pretty miniscule, that's crazy! Feel free to shoot me a message if you have more questions.


Jacobo V. answered • 06/06/21

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Myco S.

Thank you!!


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