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Most important musical concepts for writing songs on acoustic guitar?

I want to be able to write catchy/"cool sounding" guitar parts for songs. I am currently studying music theory extensively. I am just wondering, are there any guitar-specific musical concepts that... more
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How to self-teach music theory on guitar?

So I've tried a lot of resources out there( the free ones) on the internet, from YouTube to PDFs. But my progress is not much. The basic stuff like major scale is clear to me only in theory, but I... more
Acoustic Guitar Songwriting Time Signatures


How to notate a time signature that alternates every few measures?

I was playing an original song in 4/4 but noticed if I instead played the first 3 bars as 3/4 and kept the last 4 chords one per beat in a bar of 4/4, it seemed more interesting. How would this... more
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Is music knowledge must for learning a guitar?

I have no idea what are the notes and all but I want to learn guitar.So do i have to have basic music knowledge to learn a guitar?
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Guitar Manufacturer

A guitar manufacturer spent $89 million on the production of acoustic and electric guitars in 1999. If the amount the company spent producing acoustic guitars was $50 million more than it spent on... more

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