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Fractions Algebra


Algebra using mixed numbers

this is the question=The sum of three mixed numbers is 22 4/5Two of the numbers are 9 2/3 and 5 5/6What is the third number? the answer is as a improper fraction

Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals

how do you write 125% as a fraction or mixed number

Convert between percents, fractions, and decimals

how do you write 125% as fraction as a fraction or mixed number?


what do the fractions of students who ordered each type of pancake tell you about the class size?

billy's class is having a pancake breakfast. each student ordered one type of pancake in advance. 1/2 of the students ordered chocolate chip, 1/6 of the students ordered blueberry, 1/4 of the... more


What number is 2/5 of the distance from 4+1/7 to 10?

(A) 82/35(B) 8+1/7(C) 7+2/5(D) 5+11/35(E) None of theseFor this I got; (A) 82/35. Is this correct?
Fractions Percentage


Add 1/2,1/8,1/4 and 1/3



One-fourth of a race is one-eight of a mile long. How long is the race?



How do I solve the problem below?

How do I solve this:Find a whole number a such that the numbers 2/a, a/5, 82% are in order from least to greatest. a=


Give a fraction

4 pizzas divided equally between 10 people
Fractions Algebra 2 Algebra


Is my answer correct?

Write 24.2422222... (with the last 2 repeating endlessly) as a fraction of integers.(A) 10909/450(B) 800/33(C) 21818/999(D) 12121/500(E) None of theseI got (A) 10909/450. Is this the correct answer?
Fractions Math


A board is 6ft long. How many 2/3-foot-long pieces can be cut from the board?

It's pretty self explanatory.
Fractions Math


Ratio and Fractions

The price of automobile engine oil recently went from ๐‘…๐‘€10.80 to ๐‘…๐‘€13.50 per case of 12 quarts. Find the ratio in fraction of the increase in price to the original price.


Why can this fraction not be simplified further?

I have the algebraic fraction:a-1 รท 2a^3 + 6a^2Apparently this is its most simplified form? But I thought, using index laws, I could subtract a^1 from the bottom a^3 (because their bases are the... more


mia ride her bike 15 and 1/4 miles every day. how many miles does mia ride in 4 days

please help me with my fraction work asap please help


I need help with this fraction word problem

Jessie needs 1 5/8 gallons of paint to paint her room. She only has 5/6 gallons of paint. How many more gallons of paint does she need?
Fractions Elementary Math


what is 11.125 written as a fraction



what is 11.125 as a fraction



Building a pathway

The face of a brick is 3.5 inches by 8 inches. Suppose you want to create a pathway thats 56 inches wide by 20 inches long. How many bricks would I need?
Fractions Prealgebra


Fractions as division

Find X. 5/9 = X รท 9


I have a question about fractions

There are 40 students in a group. 8 of them are girls. What fraction of the students are boys?
1 2 3 5 7 8 58

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