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5 Answered Questions for the topic Climate Change

Climate Change Algebra 2 Ecology


What would the change be?

0.8 degrees Celsius over the past 150 years
Climate Change Physical Science Meteorology


Synoptic weather predictibility under climate change scenarios?

Under climate change scenarios, it is quite certain that high latitude regions will experience more warming than at low latitudes. For example, in winter the reduced area of sea ice and snow cover... more
Climate Change Biochemistry Ecology


What are the ecological effects of moderately high and prolonged concentrations of nitrogen deposition on an ecosystem?

There are many sources of nitrogen which eventually get deposited out of the atmosphere and onto the land/surface. Typically higher levels of nitrogen compounds are emitted near urban and roadway... more
Climate Change Physical Science Climate


How to tell if a single day of weather is an anomaly or due to climate change?

I am interested in understanding how to tell if a single day of 'abnormal' weather is due to climate change or not. From my understanding, you would compare this day's weather to historical... more
Climate Change


how can we be certain climate change is real

there is not enough evidence to support climate changeĀ 

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