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Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Problem

If 75 individuals of 735 have the homozygous dominant genotype for a phenotypic trait, what is the allelic frequency for that trait among those individuals?Answer options: 0.01, 0.75, 0.1, 0.46,... more
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Hardy Weinberg Equilliburim Question

Assume there are 200 individuals in a population. If q2=0.2 and 2pq=0.5, what is p2?Answer choices are 0.75 , 0.03 , 0.09 , 1, and 0.55
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Is there a reliable estimate of the number of cells on Earth?

A quick Google search didn't turn up any reliable sources. An awkward Cosmoquest thread ( gives a rough... more
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Is it mostly true that predators or parasites traverse wider spatial areas than their prey or hosts?

Does it tend to be true that as you go up the food chain, the species tend to cover wider areas? I am basically asking whether a population's prey varies spatially more than a population's... more
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Was the recent "conservation hunt" of a black rhino supported by science?

CNN [recently covered]( a sanctioned black rhino hunt in Namibia by Texan Corey Knowlton, who bid US$350,000 for the license. In the story,... more
Population Biology Zoology Ecology


What is called the "area size that an animal usually lives in"?

What is called the "area size that an animal usually lives in" or "needs for a normal life"? Is there any specific term?

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