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Coordinates Math


translate (-3, -5) down 2 units

Coordinates Math Calculus


On a unit circle, what is sin θ for coordinates (√2/2, -√2/2)?

Coordinates Math Geometry


I'm stuck :( Can someone help me?

Which sequence of transformations will map figure Q onto figure Q′?Two congruent trapezoids figure Q and figure Q prime are drawn on a coordinate grid. Figure Q has vertices at (-9, 2), (-6, 4)... more
Coordinates Math Geometry


find the perimeter of triangle XYZ if X= (0,2) Y=(3,-2) Z=(-1,-2)

Coordinates Geometry Trigonometry


Find an equation of the parabola with focus at (-4,0) and with directrix x=3.

Express your answer in the form x=f(y)So, I got (y-0)^2=4(3.5)(x-(-1/2))I simplified it to be y^2=14(x+1/2) and I solved for x which gave me x=1/14y^2-1/2 still says its wrong! :((
Coordinates Algebra 2 Functions


How do coordinates represent solutions

How are the coordinates (x,y) used to represent a solution to f(x)=g(x) for different types of functions (radical, rational, quadratic, linear). In other words, how is the ordered pair (x,y) a... more
Coordinates Algebra 2 Functions


Coordinates to different functions

How are the coordinates (x,y) used to represent a solution to f(x)=g(x) for different types of functions (radical, rational, quadratic, linear). 
Coordinates Geometry Python


How do I check if cartesian coordinates make up a rectangle efficiently?

The situation is as follows: - There are N arrays. - In each array (0..N-1) there are (x,y) tuples (cartesian coordinates) stored - The length of each array can be different I want to extract the... more
Coordinates Algebra 1 Algebra


What are the coordinates of the x intercept of the line 3x - 4y = 12 ??

Show ur work pls. Need this ASAP
Coordinates Math Geometry


How to determine if a point is within a quadrilateral?

**Goal** I want to determine if a test point is within a defined quadrilateral. I'm probably going to implement the solution in Matlab so I only need pseudo-code. **Inputs** Corners of... more
Coordinates Geography Gis


Image interpolation from original earth coordinate matrix to a new earth coordinate matrix?

I have a geographical image covering a certain locations in New York State. Each pixels corresponds to a locations which its latitude and longitude can be obtained (Or you can say that each pixels... more
Coordinates Math Autocad


Generate identical Hashcodes for approximately-similar numbers?

I'm creating an application in C# 3.5 that uses the AutoCAD API to read a 2D AutoCAD drawing, make changes to the drawing using defined business logic, then adjust it back in AutoCAD. Due to the... more
Coordinates Algebra 2 Slopes


Find 3 coordinates of a line with a slope of 3/4


Find b for the parallel line

The equation of the line that passes through the point (−9,8)and is parallel to the line having the equation Ax+By=Cwith B≠0can be written in slope-intercept form as y=mx+b. Compute mand bin terms... more


can you help sloving this question

Polygon ABCD is defined by the points A(-4, 2), B(-2, 4), C(1, 3), and D(2, 2). Match the coordinates of the points of the transformed polygons to their correct values.


Determine the distance of the points KL given K (2,2) and L is on the x-axis with a distance of 7 units to the right from the y-axis

K(2,2) and L is on the x-axis with a distance of 7 units to the right from the y-axis
Coordinates Trigonometry Radius


A circle has a radius of square root of 45 units and is centered at (−2.4,−4.8). Write the equation of this circle.

There is a 2nd question with the exact same format.
Coordinates Math Algebra 1


Four years after a tree was planted it was 8ft tall. 8 years after it was planted it was 12ft tall. What is the growth rate of the tree? how tall when planted?

Please use y=mx+b and coordinates we are doing slope in algebra one
Coordinates Standard Form


what is standard form for the points (-9,11) and (3,-11)

I need to know the standard form for these two points.
Coordinates Math Algebra


Does each of the following equations describe a line that includes the points (1, -1 3/4) and (-2, 3 1/4)?

A. y= -5/3x-1/12 •Yes or •No B. y= -13/4= -1/12(x-1) •Yes or •No C. 20x+12y=-1 •Yes or •No
Coordinates Rectangle Vertices


Find the coordinates of the fourth vertex. Then, find the area of the rectangle.

Three vertices of the rectangle are A(1,-5), B(1,3) and C(10,3)
1 3

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