Asked • 03/27/19

Image interpolation from original earth coordinate matrix to a new earth coordinate matrix?

I have a geographical image covering a certain locations in New York State. Each pixels corresponds to a locations which its latitude and longitude can be obtained (Or you can say that each pixels covers a small range of latitude and longitude). Concretely, the image is of 2001*2001 pixels, cover a range of 2.448km * 2.448km district. It can be believed then that each pixel covers like 1.2km. I want to map several such kind of images (we call it OriginalImage) to a big DestinationImage. The destination image is set to be 6000*2000 pixels, covering (12km by 4km) real distance. I want to fill each pixel the information from OriginalImage. I can obtain a matrix Original_Coord and Dest_Coord, which contains the earth coordinates for each pixel in the image. Generally, coordinates from Original_Coord is NOT a subset of Dest_Coord. We need to do interpolation, for example, for any pixel from Dest_Image, we need to get four pixel from Original_Image which geographically around the destination pixels and do interpolation. That is where the problem is difficult. Is there a package, especially Python for that? The input is Original_Coord, Dest_Coord, and Original_Image

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