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Similarity And Congruence


How tall is the building

A person that is 6ft tall casts a shadow that is 3.5 feet long. If a skyscraper casts a shadow of 158 feet, how tall is the building?
Similarity And Congruence Math Geometry


Geometry Math

An architect is designing a new windmill with four sails. In her sketch, the sails' center of rotation is the origin, (0,0), and the tip of one of the sails, point Q, has coordinates (2,-3). She... more
Similarity And Congruence Geometry Word Problems


food box is a similar shape to a water box.volume of the water box is 3/4 of the volume of the food box.SA of the water box is 628cm2.SA of food box?

The eating space of the chicken coop also has a feed container. The feed container is similar in shape to the water container. The volume of the water container is three-quarters of the volume of... more
Similarity And Congruence Number Theory Wilson's Theorem


suppose p denotes a prime congruent to 3 modulo 4; use wilson's theorem to prove that

suppose p denotes a prime congruent to 3 modulo 4; use wilson's theorem to prove that   (P-1/2)!2   ≡ 1 (mod p)    Hint: Prove that  ((p-1)/2)!2  ≡  (p-1)!  (mod p)         Please explain... more
Similarity And Congruence Algebra Number Theory Algebra; Number Theory


find a solution of each of the following congruences

a. x2≡ -1 (mod 13)b. x2 ≡-1 (mod 17)
Similarity And Congruence Geometry Geometry Word Problems Class Homework


Shadow math task

Jeannie is practicing on the basketball goal outside her house. She thinks that the seems lower than the 10 ft. goal she plays on in gym. She wants to know how far it is from the ground but she... more
Similarity And Congruence Math Math Word Problem


3 Similar Triangles

Triangle ABC is not similar to triangle DEF, and triangle DEF is not similar to triangle XYZ. Could triangle ABC be similar to triangle XYZ? In 2-3 sentences, explain why or why not? Make a sketch... more
Similarity And Congruence Proofs Triangles


what does the angles of a reactagle equal when split up into for trianglular regions

If angle EDC is 32° and E is the midpoint of all the sides what is the measures of all other angles.   Thank you!


Math examples and help needed

I need examples for the topic tags and homework help with those topics.

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