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Convert 5.5×1010 picoseconds to seconds.

Perform each of the following conversions using metric conversion factors.


What is the net ionic equation?


Can I kill bacteria with distilled water?

Given that bacteria are hypertonic (contain more salts) compared to distilled water, and that they rely on ion concentration differences across the plasma membrane to survive, can I kill a... more


Are quaternary protein monomers unique to a particular protein complex?

I know that quaternary protein structures are formed exclusively via non-covalent bonds. My biochemistry professor discussed a viral capsid that is essentially one quaternary structure with 240... more


Cold water sour taste?

Recently I underwent a wisdom tooth extraction, and while there is still numbness I have observed something peculiar. If I drink cold water, it tastes sour, however the same effect is not observed... more


What if I can’t achieve a bachelor’s in Biology?? Help

Listen, I have wanted to go into the medical field my whole life. I know I will thrive in healthcare and that it is what I want to do; however, my issue is that I struggled with every single... more


Can PCR tubes be made of different materials than plastic?

Does it matter if I replace the PCR tube (usually made of plastic) with another material like aluminum, glass, or something similar?


Besides hemoglobin, what proteins are present in red blood cells?

I knew that mature red blood cells (RBCs) lacked nuclei, but I wasn't aware until just now that they also lacked ribosomes and mitochondria. Most cells in the human body all contain a common... more


Basic Amino Acid Residue Binding Mechanism to DNA?

I understand that many protein DNA binding domains bind to DNA via basic residues such as Arginine and Lysine. But what is the mechanism used to bind to DNA and where on the DNA would these... more


Cellular demand for antioxidants?

Antioxidants such as ascorbate and glutathione serve to inactivate radicals and counteract spontaneous oxidation reactions, such as unwanted disulfide bonds in proteins. These systems are cycles,... more


About acetyl-coA in the Krebs Cycle of respiration?

In respiration, Krebs cycle starts with acetyl coenzyme A which is made from pyruvate. However, it is said that the cycle keeps repeat it self with oxaloacetate turning back to citrate and cycle... more


Decreasing the alcohol proof and faster in hangover, why?

My russian friend says that the USSR agents used/use the trick that they offered the victim first vodka and then last wine.I have noted that this puts you faster to hangover: decreasing the alcohol... more


Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without consuming other forms of life in some manner?

The title is the question. If additional specificity is needed I will add clarification here.Are there any multicellular forms of life which exist without requiring the consumption (destruction) of... more


In plants why are potassium and nitrate ions absorbed faster than any others?

Quoting my A-level biology textbook: >$\\ce{K^+, NO3^-}$ are absorbed by plants faster than any other ions. Whereas, $\\ce{Ca^2+, SO4^2-}$ are absorbed with the slowest speed. What is the... more


How many oxygen atoms are used up in aerobic oxidation of one pyruvate?

Please explain elaborately, if possible using the EMP, Krebs and ETS cycles.


Are the cytosol and extracellular fluids electrically neutral?

I've found several sources that state that overall, the cytosol of a cell is electrically neutral. The extracellular fluid is also purportedly electrically neutral. How can that be when we have... more


Biological Pathway of Lipid Hypothesis?

I've read a lot on both sides of the debate of low carb vs low fat diets trying to make some sense of what is being proposed. The lipid hypothesis runs roughly along the lines that we have lots of... more


Bacterial cell lysis - what solution to use?

I am trying to determine how quickly detergents act on bacterial cells (cell lysis). I would like to compare some detergents at difference concentrations for bacteriolytic activity. I don’t care... more


Can Oxaloacetate cross the outer mitochondrial membrane?

I am aware of the Malate–Aspartate Shuttle, but something is not clear to me and different sources seem to contradict each other. Some show oxaloacetate (OAA) being reduced to malate in the... more
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