Sawsan A.

asked • 10/31/13

what an RNA pseudoknot is. Briefly show how are they involved in frame-shifting, IRES recognition and telomerases.

MY QUESTION IR RELATED TO BIOCHEMISTRY AND it WAS DISCUSSED IN THE ARTICLE "Unraveling the structural complexity in a single-stranded RNA tail: implications for efficient ligand binding in the prequeuosine
riboswitch" by  Catherine D. Eichhorn1, Jun Feng2,3, Krishna C. Suddala2,3, Nils G. Walter2, Charles L. Brooks and Hashim M. Al-Hashimi . I WOULD BRIEF ANSWER  FOR THE QUESTION E ?

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Naina B. answered • 11/01/13

Naina, a versatile tutor

Sawsan A.

Thanks Naina so much I appreciate you


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