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Why Pelagia became a saint?

Why Pelagia became a saint?

Sorita D.

Pelagia, more often called Margaret, on account of the magnificence of the pearls for which she had so often sold herself, was an actress of Antioch, equally celebrated for her beauty, her wealth and the disorder ofher life. During a synod at Antioch, she passed Bishop St. Nonnus of Edessa, who was struck with her beauty; the next day she went to hear him preach and was so moved by his sermon that she asked him to baptize her which he did. She gave her wealth to Nonnus to aid the poor and left Antioch dressed in men's clothing. She became a hermitess in a cave on Mount of Olivette in Jerusalem, where she lived in great austerity, performing penances and known as "the beardless monk" until her sex was discovered at her death. Though a young girl of fifteen did exist and suffer martyrdom at Antioch in the fourth century, the story heretold is a pious fiction, which gave rise to a whole set of similar stories under different names. Her feast day is October 8th.The proverb says: “A woman of charm is the one that takes hold of glory.” (Prov. 11:16) But at the same time Proverbs 31:30 states: “Charm may be false, and prettiness may be vain; but the woman that fears Jehovah is the one that procures praise for herself.” Prettiness and superficial charm without the fear of Jehovah would indeed be vain and false. So these are not the determining factors as to a woman’s being truly attractive. In fact, a woman may be very pretty in a physical way and yet, to a man of mature discernment, be most unattractive. Because of her disposition, perhaps by being contentious, an otherwise attractive wife can drive her husband away as surely as he is driven away by dripping water from a leaky roof in a time of rain.—Prov. 27:15.Pope John Paul II has canonized over 450 persons during his papal rule, more than the number canonized by all other popes of the 20th century combined.* Why is there such enduring devotion to “saints,” many of whom are little known among Catholics in general?True Christians certainly want to live virtuous lives, to approach God properly, and to receive divine help. (James 4:7, 8) According to God’s Word, therefore, who qualify as genuine saints? And what role do they play?


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