3 Answered Questions for the topic Newton's Universal Law Of Gravitation

What is the minimum energy that is required to take a stationary satellite...

What minimum energy is required to take a stationary 600 kg satellite from the surface of the moon to an altitude of 9.2x10^5 and put it into an orbit with an orbital speed of 1.36x10^3... more

How do you find the net gravitational force and direction if there are four objects?

Four spheres of equal 8 kg are located at the corners of a square of length 0.64 m per side.   How am I supposed to find the net gravitational force AND direction of one of the objects? Do I use... more

Can someone help me with calulating gravitational force?

I have an assignment due in a couple of hours for astronomy. I've been working on this for a few hours now, but I'm not really familiar with algebra. Any help would be greatly appreciated! The... more

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