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How do I solve this problem on air conditioners and evaporation?

In regions with dry climates, evaporative coolers are used to cool the air. A typical electric air conditioner is rated at 1.00×10^4 Btu/he. What quantity of water must be evaporated each hour to... more


How do I solve this Chemistry problem on the phase changes of water?

A 20.0-g sample of ice at -10°C is mixed with 100.0 g of water at 80°C. Calculate the final temperature of assuming no heat loss to the surroundings. The heat of capacities of ice and water are... more


How do I solve this AP Chemistry on Boron Nitride?

Boron Nitride ( BN) exists in two forms. The first is a slippery solid former from the reaction from BCl3 and NH3, followed by heating in a ammonia atmosphere at 750°C. Subjecting the first form of... more


How do I solve this problem on methyl salicylate and methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate?

Methyl salicylae has a melting point of -8°C.   methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate, another molecule with the exact  same molecular formulabhas a melting point of 127°C.   Why is there such a large... more


Can you help me with this problem on diethyl ether?

Diethyl ether was one of the first chemicals used as an anesthetic. At 34.6°C, diethyl ether has a vapor pressure of 760 torr, and at 17.9°C, it has a vapor pressure of 400 torr. What is the heat... more


What role does humidity play in how our bodies regulate temperature?

A common response hearing that the temperature in New Mexico is 105°F is, "It's not that bad; it's a dry heat", whereas at the same time, the summers in Atlanta, Georgia are the characterized as... more


How does evaporation of alcohol remove heat energy from a person's body?

When a person has a severe fever, one therapy used to reduce the fever is an "alcohol rub". Explain how the evaporation of alcohol from a person's skin removes heat energy from the body.


Can you help me with the problem on vapor pressure?

The temperature inside a pressure cooker is 115°C. Calculate  the vapor pressure of the water inside the pressure cooker. What would the temperature be if the vapor pressure was 3.5 atm?


How do I calculate the boiling point of water at a specific atmospheric pressure?

In Breckenridge, Colorado, the typical atmospheric pressure is 520 tore. What is  the boiling point of water in Breckenridge? Delta H (vaporization)= 40.7 kJ/mol.


Rotational period

A star is rotating at 5.55x10-5Πrad/s, its velocity decelerates at a constant rate of 0.5x10-9 π rad/s2. What is the current rotational period of that star (in hours)?  What is the formula you use... more


Physics Mechanical Energy and Friction

An asteroid with a mass of 5.0 x 105 kg collides with the Earth and slides horizontally along the ground without bouncing (not actually possible but just pretend). The velocity of the asteroid... more


Physics Conceptual Word Problems I am confused with.

1. A ball is dropped from an unknown height and allowed to bounce until it comes to rest.  Each bounce is lower than the previous one.  Does the law of conservation of energy hold true for this... more


How do I solve this light/energy problem?

In the investigation of the electronic absorption spectrum of a particular element, it is found that a photon having a wavelength  of 500nm provides just enough energy to promote an electron from... more


How do I calculate what mass of CO2 can be by mixing 2.34g of C2H5OH with 5.6L oxygen at 78°F

The reaction occurs at 900 mmHg and the formula for the reaction is: C2H5OH+O2===> CO2+H2O


Can you help me with this gas law problem?

What volume will 1.23g of CO2 occupy at 45°C and 678 mmHg?


How much work is done by hand

A mass of 20 kg compresses a spring 50 cm. The spring is then compressed an additional 2 meters by hand and then the mass and spring are released. Spring constant is 392 N/mA)During compression... more


Can you help me with this exothermic lattice energy problem?

How do I determine which of the following pairs of ionic substances has the most exothermic lattice energy?   A. LiF, CsF  B. NaBr, NaI  C. BaCl2, BaO  D. Na2SO4, CaSO4  E. KF, K2O  F. Li2O,... more


Can you help me with this Chemical Bonding problem?

How do I figure out which noble has had the same electron configuration as each of the ions in the following compounds?   A. Cesium sulfide  B. Strontium fluoride  C. Calcium nitride  D.... more


Is this problem solvable with the variables given and if possible how to solve

a 60 kg women slide down a 72m high waterslide and reaches the bottom at 18m/s a)what is work done by friction b)if the frictional force is only 100N, what is the length and angle of the slide  


How do I solve this Chemical Bonding Problem?

Predict the type of bond (ionic, covalent,or polar covalent) one would expect to form between the following pairs of elements.   A. Rb and Cl    B. S and S   C. C and F    D.  Ba and... more


What steps do I need to use to solve this atomic structure problem?

Which element is being referred to? Explain your answer.   E1  577.4 kJ/mol E2   1,816 kJ/mol E3.   2,744 kJ/mol E4.   11,580 kJ/mol E5.    15,048 kJ/mol   Answer Choices:   A) Na B)... more


Can you me with this molarity problem?

What volume of NaOH is needed to make 50mL of a 1M solution?


Atomic Structure and periocity concept question

Why are the changes in election affinity as one goes down a group in the periodic table not nearly as large as variations in ionization energy.    My book does not explain this concept very clearly. more


I am having trouble understanding this AP Chemistry Concept

Diagonal relationships in the periodic table  exist as well as the vertical relationships. For example, Be and Al are similar in some of their properties as are B and Si. Rationalize why these... more

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