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Honors Math Math Math 1


please help meee

Sam and Sara have taken their Math textbooks to the top of a twelve-story building and look at the pool which is 160 feet straight below them. Sam just lets go of his book, while Sara throws her... more

Slopes of Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Are the given lines parallel? Explain your reasoning.Question: X=3, Y= -3Are the lines going to be parallel?
Honors Math Middle School 7th Grade


It will cost Mr. Hong $84 initially to advertise and $28 for each day he keeps the items on sale. He doesn’t want to spend more than $700 advertising, what is the number of days he should advertise?

Full:Mr. Hong has coins and old stamps for sale. He decides to advertise the items on an internet site for collectors. It will cost him $84 initially to advertise and $28 for each day he keeps the... more
Honors Math Trig Pre Calc


What are the next two terms in the sequence -2,1,10,25,46

What are the next two terms in that sequence

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