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Ashleigh S.

asked • 06/08/20

Anatomy & Physiology (MRNA & DNA)

Which nitrogenous bases would be found on the MRNA transcribed from a DNA strand with the following nucleotide sequence: AAA/TTT/GGG/CCC and why?

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Bruce P.

Be careful here; formally DNA and RNA should always be written in the 5' -> 3' direction, and if no notation is used, the left is the 5' end. So the complementary strand would have its 5' end to the right and should either be written as 3' -UUUAAACCCGGG-5' (using the notation to indicate orientation) or GGGCCCAAAUUU using the convention of 5' assumed to be on the left A lot of teachers use this as a trick question; I encourage students to always write the lower strand upside down as a reminder that it is oppositely oriented.


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