Phyllis R.

asked • 07/22/13

Should I read the Hunger Games?

Should I read the Hunger Games even if I'm not into futuristic Sci-Fi novels? Is this a good book for all students?

Alyssa B.

I would definitely read "The Hunger Games". I will admit I have only watched the movie, but I purchased it and watch it often. I love the part when he says "if I'm going to die, I just want to be me." He didn't want to die being changed by something negatively. I love her putting down her own life for her sister. That is love. She perseveres. She also helps another competitor still knowing only one will survive. In the end, they both show them they don't control their fate. A higher power and free will controls their fate! 



LaDawn E.

Dear Phyllis,
It would be easier to give a good answer if we knew your age, reading level and why you are asking. Most of the people I know with your name are over 40, so you could be somebody close to my age who doesn't normally read, is returning to school for a GED and needs a relatively easy book for a book report. For that person I would say, "yes, I really enjoyed the book, because--while the CONCEPT behind the games is horrible--the actions of the characters are very real and some of them quite noble. Katniss is a very believable teen, filled with insecurities that are balanced by her steely resolve to survive. Plus, she has a complicated family life that makes it hard to fit in wit her peers and conflicting feelings about the two boys in her life.
It's easier for adults to ABSORB the conflicts in the Hunger Games trilogy. (For example, my mother and I both cried over Katniss' sacrifice for her sister, while my 18-year-old step-daughter lost interest halfway through the second book.) It isn't that younger reader's can't GET the deeper meaning here, but--like with most literature--their lives are still relatively self centered, so it's difficult to relate to wanting someone else's safety or happiness more than your own.
Teens who have experienced personal loss or tragedy are much more likely to love these books. For others, it seems like a follow-the-crowd experience.


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