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Find an appropriate English phrase to insult someone who is cruel

Dear Sir or Madam,
I'm having a problem when translating a story to English.
I'm trying to find a phrase to insult someone who is cruel and inhumane.
If I translate word-by-word, it will be "you inhumane, immoral!" - but it sounds unnatural and doesn't express all the anger and bitterness of the speaker.
I'd be grateful if you could suggest some phrases like that. Thank you.
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6 Answers

I am having difficulty with your current behavior  May I please show you a more positive way tp better handle this situation?
For added emotion on the part of the speaker…
If you really want to insult him, I'd go with: "You're a sorry excuse for a psychopath!"
If you want to point out the extent of his heartlessness and make a cultural reference, you could go with: "You make Hannibal Lecter look like Father Christmas!"
If you want to use a metaphor: "I hope that heart of stone pulls you to the bottom of the river!" 
Howdy! I think a little more information about the story and the character is necessary. How you translate any text depends a lot on the context and on the person saying it. If the person is young and crude, he might say, "You sick, inhuman bastard!" But if he's upper-class he might say something like, "you cruel, sadistic, inhumane cretin!" We might be able to help better if you gave more information on the character and context, but I hope this helps!
I think one could translate it, "You are the most evil and inhumane person I've ever met!" Or it it's meant in a more personal context, "I can't believe how you've treated me, you're the most insensitive, hard nosed and uncaring person in the world!"
It would depend on the context ...
For example, if it were conversational inflammatory, you might say 'you vicious sadistic bastard'
'Heartless savage' works too ...
Either of these work well to get the idea across and are definitely something that would flow normally
Hello My,
I would go for something short and simple: "You are cruel and inhuman."
Regards, Pete