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Write these quotes as reported speech

4. He said, "I ate too much pizza last night".5. He said, "I've just run five miles".6. He said, "I'm really tired now".7. He said, "I've had loads of schoolwork to do".8. She asked, "Do you... more

Piano strings making gentle sounds, sounds like one strings ?

about every 30 sec to a minute, I can hear piano strings sounds, like someone gently strike it.

Since the word 'fast' is both an adjective and an adverb, could I replace the word 'quickly' with 'fast' in a sentence?

Example:"Yes!" He said quickly.If I replaced the word quickly in this excerpt with 'fast', would that be fine? Is it gramatically correct to write 'He said fast.'? It sounds weird to me but I... more

How do you improve your writing based off of revisions you have been given?

I have a writing/essay test coming up and I wanted to practice for it. I wrote a practice essay and sent it to an friend who is an English teacher to revise it. I got the revisions back however how... more


are extremely fascinating and very interesting the same


Hey and Happy Quarantine!! I have a phonics question for you.

How come the "char" in the words chariness and charcoal are pronounced differently? How come the "e" in the word cachinnate is silent? So, instead of (kak-u-nate) its pronounced (kak-u-neht)?My... more


What does it mean when a name fascinates you

Which Study Strategy is the Most Effective?

Which study strategy from the list below is research-based to be the most effective for long-term memory? Rereading Notes or textbook Do practice problems Flashcards Rewrite Notes Study with a... more


Types of sentences

What type of sentence (simple, compound, complex, compound- complex) is this After waiting about in the cold for two or three minutes, Christian decided that he would go back inside the school and... more


What are the most useful phrasal verbs to learn?


How does Spanish change across Central America?

Spanish is one language, but some words change from one country to the next. How do you say girl/boy, party, cool in each country?

Why does the Emperor-Over-the-Sea play such a small role in the Chronicles of Narnia?

The Emperor-Over-the-Sea is referenced at several points during the series. The Stone Table, Deep Magic and the Deeper Magic were all set in motion by him, and he is the father of Aslan.At the same... more

again in "Today is the oldest you've ever been and the youngest you'll ever be again."?

Saw this sentence today. It has two variations, one ends with *again* and one without it. While the *again* does have a nice ring to it, I kind of feel that it makes no grammatical/semantic sense... more

When is "seems to be" used instead of "seems"?

1. The baby seems happy/comfortable. 2. The baby seems to be happy/comfortable.Are these both correct? If both are correct, what are the differences between them?

Is there a general rule for Verb + Preposition/Particle idioms, such as "come across"?

Composite verbs are giving me a lot of trouble. In German the syntax is simple; if the composite verb has the moving part, it goes to the end. But in English I've found many forms and I'm not sure... more

Is there a rule that prohibits us from using 2 possessives in a row?

An English teacher made a comment on my usage of the phrase, "Our last week's meeting", saying that it should be, "last week's meeting", is there a rule for this?

Punctuation of direct speech, edge cases?

I recently learned that I have developed a consistent, but entirely wrong approach to punctuating direct speech in fiction. I am in the unenviable position of trying to relearn. Previously I wrote... more

Using two-syllable words?

Is it ever okay to use two-syllable words as unstressed in a rhyme or poem?e.g. In this sentence using "pigeon" as two unstressed syllables:>The śmall pigeon rán to the édge of the... more

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