in your opinion what does this quote mean to you “the tragedy of life is not in our failure but rather in our complacency. not in our doing too much but doing too little. not in our living above... more

Why is the robin "sobbing"?

Blake's "The Blossom", part of his *Songs of Innocence* [which you can read online](http://www.gutenberg.org/files/1934/1934-h/1934-h.htm), is a very short poem about a sparrow and a robin. The... more


is there a hebrew word for this concept?

Looking for a word that describes arriving in a place or country for the first time and feeling more at home than the place you were born or raised. Or not feeling right in the place you were born,... more

What are the effective ways to learn and remember any word. And use that in the right way?

I am having trouble with picking the right word for the context that I am talking about. To get rid of the problem I practiced to find all the forms of any word that I encountered ever through... more

Order of "sometimes" relative to the subject of a sentence in the passive voice?

I have a doubt that is the following one: I have two alternative sentence transformations of this sentence below and, I wonder if it is possible to write the adverb "sometimes" before the subject... more


Position of verb for object clause?

Is the general word order of this sentence correct? > We investigate how strong the effect of X on Y is. Or, as an alternative, > We investigate how strong the effect of X is on Y. In a... more

What does "but she felt it all the way down" mean?

A paragraph from [*Redemption Road: A... more


How to improve understanding of long sentences in prose?

What are some efficient, methodical, productive ways to improve the skill and speed of interpreting, parsing, and reading long prosaic sentences? I refer not only to legalese or legal language, but... more


What is 1/2 of 3/5

Roomates and I decided whoever gets the master bed pays 50 bucks extra

So my roomates and I decided we would just have the person that got the master bedroom pay an extra 50 dollars. I got the master bed, but I am somehow paying an extra 75 instead of 50. How do we do... more

Is 10 and |-10| equal to


A pentagon has a perimeter of 32 inches. Four of its sides are 4, 4, 5, and 7 inches long. What is the length of the 5th side?

i Just Need Help with perimeter Please HELP ME!


John is an atheist, so he has little credibility when he speaks about religion.

what kind of fallacy is that?

Can you say "they were of a" as in "they were of a pale compelxion"?

I'm writing something currently, and I wrote "He was of a pallid complexion, with chalky lips and eyes that seemed like they were going to pop out at any given moment." and was wondering if it made... more


What major event helped end the fuedal system

I dont know exactly what happend with the feudal system I just nees help with this question  


At the end of civil war which reconstruction plan called for the creation office military zones in the south

lincolns, radiacals, or Johnson’s 


What’s half of $5,920?

Im not a math person


Fabian plans to read for two and a half minutes for the first day and then double his reading time each day. How many minutes will fabian read on day 6?

The math problems my teacher gave me are too hard i will appreciate it if u can help me.


Anya's grandfather gives her a collection of souvenir subway tokens.

Anya's grandfather gives her a collection of souvenir tokens.  He gives her 9 tokens from the 1960s, 12 tokens from the 1970s, and 21 tokens from the 1980s.  She wants to make a display of each... more

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