chem homework please help!

If a gaseous mixture is made by combining 1.39 g Ar and 2.45 g Kr in an evacuated 2.50 L container at 25.0 ∘C, what are the partial pressures of each gas, PAr and PKr, and what is the total... more


This question seems so simple yet I'm having trouble understanding how to get the answers

Sergio runs a 100-meter race. 7 seconds after the race started Sergio is 35 meters from the starting line and reaches his max speed; he runs at this max speed for the rest of the race. Sergio... more


How do you find the missing side of an acute triangle when given one sides measurement and two angles?

i have an acute triangle with vertices labelled D (top) E (bottom left) and F (bottom right). Angle f= 57* and angle d = 82*. The side measurement given is D->F which is 7.5m. i have to find the... more


How to find the width of a parabola at a a certain level?

The equation of my parabola is x2=-8(y-12). Its vertex is at (0,12). Since it opens downwards, it touches the x axis. What should I do to find the width of the opening that touches the x axis? What... more

How do you calculate the angle between two normals in glsl?

How do you calculate the angle between two normals in glsl? I am trying to add the fresnel effect to the outer edges of an object (combining that effect with phong shading), and I think that the... more

Which of the following describes water?

A.Is a substance that dissolves only a few other substances; has weak cohesive forces between molecules.B.Is a substance that dissolves only a few other substances; has strong cohesive forces... more


1/1000 chance of a reaction. If you do the action 1000 times, whats the new chance the reaction occurs?

A hypothetical example: > You have a 1/1000 chance of being hit by a bus when crossing the street. However, if you perform the action of crossing the street 1000 times, then your chance of... more


Bob took a quiz?

Bob took a quiz consisting of 500 questions with two options: Yes and No. Bob did not prepare for the quiz. Flustered, he hastily reached for a fair coin in his wallet and started to toss this... more

The effect of an electric field (voltage) on a negatively charged oil droplet.

In the Millikan oil droplet experiment, the oil is sprayed from an atomizer into a chamber. The droplets are allowed to pass through the hole into the chamber so that their fall can be observed.... more


Angles (Angles Relationship)

1) Two angles are complementary. If one of the angles measures (2x-14) and the other (3x-6) find the value of x. Then find the measure of each angle. 2) use the diagram below to solve for each... more


How can I get more exact decimal values in Python?

from math import sqrt a=1e-8 b=10 c=1e-8 x1 = ((-b)-sqrt((b**2)-(4*a*c)))/(2*a) x2 = ((-b)+sqrt((b**2)-(4*a*c)))/(2*a) print 'x1 = {}'.format(x1) print 'x2 = {}'.format(x2) ... more

How would you write the formula for the surface area and volume of a cube in terms of the length of its diagonal?

I am given the variable d which represents the diagonal of the cube. There are no other numbers or variables given. I must write the formula to find the surface area of the cube

Thermodynamics physics homework help

An engine using 1 mol of an ideal gas ini- tially at 21.7 L and 326 K performs a cycle consisting of four steps:1) an isothermal expansion at 326 K from 21.7 L to 42.1 L;2) cooling at constant... more

Physics bullet question

A bullet has a mass of 20 grams and is traveling at 275 m/s. It passes completely through a wooden block and emerges with a velocity of 130 m/s. If the block is   1.2 kg in mass, what is the... more

Find a power series representation

Given that 1-x+x2+...+(-x)n is a power series representation for 1/1+x. Find a power series representation for x3/1+x2

Help finding length knowing angles

The angle of elevation of the sun is 64. A telephone pole that is inclined at an angle of 9 degrees (with the vertical) casts a shadow of 5.25 m on the ground. Calculate the approximate length of... more

Kinematics equations (two objects)

A dragster and a regular car race. The car travels at a constant speed of 28 m/s. 7 seconds later, the dragster accelerates at a rate of 4 m/s^2. What will be the final velocity of the dragster... more


prove that mg sin theta is equal to mg tan theta when sin theta is almost equal to theta in radians

It's about an experiment that asks you to determine the free-fall acceleration, g , using simple pendulum


Which of the following equations is NOT a function?

Which of the following equations is not a function? a) y=x^2-x-1 b) y= √x-1 c) y= x^2-1 d) y^2=x-1  

Nuclear Chemistry

How does the number of protons, neutrons, and the mass number of the reactant compare with those of the products?   Also, how do you tell which is a reactant and which is a product?

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