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So I am trying to figure out what the lengths of this cube is.

A cube has a volume of greater than 125cm3. What are the possible lengths of the size of that cube?


How would you write the formula for the surface area and volume of a cube in terms of the length of its diagonal?

I am given the variable d which represents the diagonal of the cube. There are no other numbers or variables given. I must write the formula to find the surface area of the cube


Which solid has greater volume?

A Cylinder with the diameter of 8 and height of 8  A Cube with length,width, and height all at 8


Find a function that models the surface area of a cube in terms of it's volume.

I'm really struggling with this problem:   Find a function that models the surface area of a cube in terms of it's volume.   I got that V = x3 and S = 6x2 but I can't figure out how to write... more


Finding side length of cube given volume

Find the side length of a cube with a volume of 287m^3. If necessary, round your answer to the nearest tenth.  


math cube question

a cube of side 2cm is cut off from a large cube of side 8cm. the number of smaller cubes obtained will be?


box in shape of cube needs to be painted. box has no lid and is 1.1m high

A box in the shape of a cube needs to be painted. The box does not have a lid. The box is 1.1m high. If the inside and outside need painting what is the total area to be painted?


three sides of cube

500cm3=     800cm3=


Having problems with the volume of a cube. V=s^3 where s is the length of a side.

It states to find the length of a side of a cube (rounding the answer to three decimal places) showing the steps of the problem; if the volume is a) 800 cm3 b) 500 cm3 How did you get to the... more


Can anyone help me on few of these problems on on this Measuring Area & Volume study guide?

1. A cube has a volume of 6 cubic centimeters. If all side lengths are doubled,what is the volume of the new cube? 3. The dimensions of a large cube are three times the dimensions of a small cube.... more

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