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rate of planes flying in opposite directions at different speeds

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2 Answers

Let x mph and x+30 mph be the speeds of the planes. The rate at which their distance from each other increases will be the sum of their speeds which is 2x+30 mph.

Their distance from each other after three hours is (3 hours)*(2x+30 mph) = 6x+90 miles. We are given that this is 3150 miles so we can solve for x.

6x+90 = 3150

6x = 3060

x = 510

Thus the speeds of the two planes are 510 mph and 540 mph.

x = the slower rate

x+30 = the faster rate

Since the travelled in the opposite direction,

3(x+x+30) = 3150

Solve for x,

x = 510 mph

x+30 = 540 mph