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Explain why the expression is correct

Jerry is planting white daisies and red tulips in his garden and he wants to choose a pattern in which the tulips surround the daisies. He uses tiles to generate patterns starting with two rows of... more

Bobby has 6 times the cards that Anthony has. All together they have 70 cards. How many cards does each boy have?

Bobby has 6 times the cards that Anthony does.  All together they have 70 cards.  How many cards does each boy have?

Five less than a number is equal to 13 decreased by the number. Find the number.

I don't get how to solve the equation

A book's price is doubled and 3 is added. If the resultant is tripled, it becomes 33. What is the price of the book?

I don't know the formula to use and how to solve it

James is 10 years less than twice as old as Brandon. If the sum of their ages is 56, what are their ages?

I don't know what equation I am supposed to use to find this out.

what is the speed of the boat in still water? what is the speed of the current

a boat is travles 120 miles downstream and back. the trip downstream took 5 hours. the trip back took 7.5 hours what is the speed of the boat in still water? what is the speed of the current

Stacy has 6 fewer than half as many marbles as Mallory. If Stacy has thirty marbles, how many does Mallory have?

I got 54 and the correct answer was 23 and I want to see the work to get the correct answer.

If they work simultaneously, how long will it be until the whole board is covered?

bart covers the whole board in 50 mins whereas nelson takes 80 mins to erase the board.

Algebra Help

The Tran family and the Moore family each used their sprinklers last summer. The water output rate for the Tran family's sprinkler was 25 L per hour. The water output rate for the Moore family's... more

Algebra Help

At a football game, a vender sold a combined total of 236 sodas and hot dogs. The number of hot dogs sold was 34 less than the number of sodas sold. Find the number of sodas sold and the number of... more

Algebra question please help

The circus is in town.Admission for 3 adults and 4 children is $30 dollars while the admission for 2 adults and 5 children is $28.75. What is the price of each ticket? Adult tickets____ childrens... more

AlgebraWord problem

Juan invests a total of $26,000 in two accounts paying 13% and 15% annual interest, perspectively. How much was invested in each account if after one year the total investment was $3,710.00. ______... more

word problem

a ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground. its distance in feet from the ground in t seconds is s=16t^2+192t. After how many seconds will the ball be 432 feet from the ground?

question in description

if an egg is thrown up and off the roof of a 100 foot building with an initial upward velocity if 100 foot per second, how long until it hits the ground 

question in description

The tooth fairy left little jenny 12 coins, all nickels and dimes totaling .95 cents. how many coins were nickles and how many were dimes 

question in description

Dylan looked in the coach for loose change. He found 22 nickles and quarters totaling $4.30. how many were nickles and how many were quarters 

Question in description

Gizmos cost $2 to ship and widgets cost $3 to ship. If a company is shipping 50 gizmos and widgets for $122, how many are gizmos and how many are widgets? 

Question in description

Lisa is selling candles and soap for a fundraiser. she sells a total of 24 items for a total of $112. if the candles sold for $4 each and the soap sold for $5 each, how many of each did she sell

Find the value of n.

a wholesaler sold n bars for (n+1) cents each. On the following day she doubled the price but sold 2 bars less. The amount of the money take on each day was the same. Find the value of n.

Can you help me find the dimensions of a rectangular garden?

The length of a rectangular garden is 5m greater than the width. The area is 84m2. Find the dimensions of the garden.

find three consecutive odd integers whose sum is negative 93

i need help setting up the problem 

How to solve this?

An athlete knows that when she jogs along her neighborhood greenway, she can complete the route in 13 minutes. It takes 52 minutes to cover the same distance when she walks. If her jogging rate is... more

Algebra word problems

Shop A has 8 times as many electricians as Shop B, and Shop C had 3 times as many as Shop B. Shop A has how many times as many electricians as Shop C?
1 3 4 5 6 7 8

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