Asked • 01/04/20

Determining equations for distance and rate formulas.

Two cyclists leave towns 90 miles apart at the same time and travel towards each other. One cyclist travels 5 miles slower than the other. If they meet in 2 hours, what is the rate of each cyclist?

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Lenny D. answered • 01/05/20

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Lenny D.

Sorry, I answered a different question here. D= 90, T=2 F= S+5 Rate of convergence = F+S = 2S+5. Rate of Conergence *T = 90 or (2S+5)*2=90 or 2S=5 =45 or2S=40 or S= 20 and F=25 in 2 hours S travels 40 miles and F travels 50 for a total or 90


Jesse E. answered • 01/04/20

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