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Radical Equations Calculus


Find the derivative of (x^3)√[(x^2) - 8]

I know how to solve derivatives, but this one is just a bit daunting and I don't know where to start with it.Let f(x) = x3 √(x2 – 8), find f´(x).
Radical Equations Word Problems


Word problem including radical equations

What does it mean to ‘carry my intermediate computations to at least four decimal places’? The example question and answer confused me more than it did help. ( _/ is the square root sign) Example... more
Radical Equations Math Problems


radical equations

The volume of a cone of sand moved by harvester ants given it's radius can be found with the following formula r=3√3V/2πr A mound of gravel is in the shape of a cone with the height equal to twice... more
Radical Equations


math word problem

Using the formula developed by Dr's Mosteller, doctors can approximate the Body Surface Area (BSA) of an adult. the formula is written as BSA=√HW/3600 where H is the Height in cm and W is the... more
Radical Equations Math


3 + (4 - x)^3/2 = 11 How to solve?

How is this question solved I really don't understand
Radical Equations Math Math Help Radicals


√24x^5 simplified

the √ is supposed to be the square root symbol and 24x^5 is under it 
Radical Equations


i need to solve √z+1 + √2z+3= 1

z+1 and 2z+3 are both under the radical   *im lost, i need help preferably step by step*
Radical Equations


what is √2m+6=1+√7-2m

i need to solve √2m+6=1+√7-2m   *2m+6 and 7-2m are both under the radical*    
Radical Equations Algebra


i need help solving the radical equation √y+1=y+1

i need to solve the square root of y plus one equals y plus one.   √y+1=y+1


Break down and solve the equation √x+3=√x+13?

Break down and solve the equation √x+3=√x+13? I have tried to look for solutions and everywhere I look it said that there isn't one but my question says different.
Radical Equations


How far can you see the horizon through an airplane window at height of 8,000 m

Approximately, the distance d in miles that a person can see to the horizon is representedby the equation 𝒅 = √𝟑𝒉𝟐, where h is the height where the person is. (1 mile = 1, 609.3 m)

Write in simplified radical form.

Radical Equations


Please help! radical equation

                                                                             ___ Is x=18 in the solution set of the radical equation 4 √x-2+4=2 (4 root of x minus 2 end root plus 4 equals 2)? Tell... more
Radical Equations


Radical Equation help

                                                                             ___ Is x=18 in the solution set of the radical equation 4 √x-2+4=2 (4 root of x minus 2 end root plus 4 equals 2)? Tell... more
Radical Equations


Radical Equations

The voltage V in a circuit is given by V = √PR , where P is the power in watts and R is the resistance in ohms.   a. If the voltage in a circuit is 120 volts and the circuit produces 1500 watts... more
Radical Equations


Find the missing lengths in the triangle, if y = 38.10.

it is a right angle with two 45 degree angles.  I know the one side is also 38.10.  I am not understanding how to find the hypotenuse.  
Radical Equations


According to the formula s=3\sqrt(r ). If engineers expect 30mph traffic, what radius should they specify?

college algebra question from web assign relating to radical equations
Radical Equations


(√7a+4 - √3-a)^2

7a+4 is under one root  3-a is under on root i get I need to do foil but I don't know how  the ^2 means its squared
Radical Equations Inequalities Word Problem Alegbra 2


Solving Radical Equations and Inequalities

The diameter d in inches of a rope needed to lift a weight of x tons is given by the formula d=(√15x)/π How much weight can be lifted with a rope with a diameter of 1.5in.?π= 3.14 (pi)
Radical Equations


Solve for x pls

√x-1 + 3 = x x-1 is all under the root   √7-6x  + 3x = 2 7-6x is all under the root
Radical Equations


Solve for x

x + 5 = √x+5   + 6   the x+5 is all under the root   √3x+10  - 4 = x the 3x+10 is all under the root   √2x+1  + √x = √5x+5  
Radical Equations


Help me solve this radical equation.

I realize that I didn't properly type out my problem last time. If someone could help me solve this problem, that would be great. Thank you! x-6=√(19x+36)
Radical Equations


Solving Radical Equation

Can someone please help me solve this.   x-6=√19x=36

I don't understand :/ ?

So the problem I have is (x-4)2/3=100. I used the "help me solve this" feature and it gave me:   ((x-4)2/3)3/2=+-(100)3/2   and that gave me:   x-4=+-1000     I know how you got x-4 by... more
Radical Equations Algebra 2 Word Problem


Rational Equations

Calvin finds that the volume of laughter in response to his jokes (v) varies directly with the square of the number of people present (p), but inversely to the length of time to tell the joke (t).... more

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