Kim G.

asked • 02/15/18

scale factor

Im confused on scale factor. If I have a scale factor of 3 between 2 triangles A being the larger and B being the smaller. Then if they ask for scale from A to B it is 1/3. But, if I were to use the colon notation wouldn't that be 3:1 comparing the a side length of A to B? Or, am I not understanding the colon notation?

Edward A.

So, as Andrew M. said, you DO understand the colon notation. The confusion comes from your phrase “...if they ask for scale from A to B it is 1/3.”
if ”They” actually said those exact words, they used them wrong.
”scale from A to B” means ratio of A to B, in this case 3:1
Perhaps “They” intended to say “how do I get from A to B”. That’s an informal question, and the answer would be “multiply by 1/3”.
So YOU had it right , ”They” had it wrong.


Kim G.

Thank you so much. I will adjust the assessment to read accurately. I took the assessment from a site that states it is field testing CCSS assessments. However, as I explained I was unclear if I was thinking it out correctly.  Thank you again.


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