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Surface area of a right prism

Describe how the change affects the surface area of the right prism. 1. Multiplying the base edge by 2 and the height by 1/3.   I don't really know how to start this... more


How do I find the base edge of a pentagonal pyramid given the height and slant height? I just need formulas.

If you need them, the height is 4 and the slant height is 5. 


if all the dimensions of a rectangular prism are multiplied by 2 by what factor would the surface area change?

How do I figure this out and how do I do it ?


Need URGENT help

³the diagram Shows a right-angles triangular prism. ∠ACB=90º and AD=50cm and FD=40cm if the volume of the prism is 30000cm³,  calculate the   a) area of base EFD b) length of EF c) length of... more


Relationship between three dimensional objects.

What is the relationship between a prism and a cylinder? Between a pyramid and a cone?


Find the dimensions on the prism.

A pyramid and a prism have the same regular hexagonal base And the same volume. The pyramid has a base with side length 4 inches and height 13 inches. Find the dimensions on the prism.



a vegetable bin built in the form of a cube with an edge of 6 ft. is divided by a vertical partition which passes through two diagonally opposite edges.Find the lateral surface of either compartment.

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