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Use the diagram below for questions 25-30. The barn is shaped like a pentagonal prism with dimensions shown in feet.

What is the width of the roof? (HINT: Use the Pythagorean Theorem) What is the area of the roof? (Both sides) What is the floor area of the barn? What is the area of the rectangular sides of the... more


Surface area of a right prism

Describe how the change affects the surface area of the right prism. 1. Multiplying the base edge by 2 and the height by 1/3.   I don't really know how to start this... more


How do I find the base edge of a pentagonal pyramid given the height and slant height? I just need formulas.

If you need them, the height is 4 and the slant height is 5. 


Need URGENT help

³the diagram Shows a right-angles triangular prism. ∠ACB=90º and AD=50cm and FD=40cm if the volume of the prism is 30000cm³,  calculate the   a) area of base EFD b) length of EF c) length of... more


Relationship between three dimensional objects.

What is the relationship between a prism and a cylinder? Between a pyramid and a cone?


Find the dimensions on the prism.

A pyramid and a prism have the same regular hexagonal base And the same volume. The pyramid has a base with side length 4 inches and height 13 inches. Find the dimensions on the prism.
Prism Volume


The prism and pyramid above have the same width, length, and height. The volume of the prism is 45 cm3. What is the volume of the pyramid?

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a vegetable bin built in the form of a cube with an edge of 6 ft. is divided by a vertical partition which passes through two diagonally opposite edges.Find the lateral surface of either compartment.

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