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8th Grade Math Math Hard


Find (1.5 E-9) + (8,01 E-2)

8th Grade Math Math


Alexa is making a frame for a square picture with an area of 196 square inches. How many inches of framing are needed?

The choices are :52 in50 in56 in62 in
8th Grade Math Math


What should you substitute for x in the second equation (bottom equation) in order to solve the system by the substitution method

What should you substitute for x in the second equation (bottom equation) in order to solve the system by the substitution method3x + y = 32x - 5y = 6
8th Grade Math Math


Two times a number subtracted from 47 is half of that number

8th Grade Math Math


8th Grade Math Problem

Maximilian wants to rent a car for 10 days, and he has two options. The first rental car company charges a $35 rental fee and an amount of $110 for 3 days. The second rental car company's offer can... more
8th Grade Math Geometry


Please help me. I don't understand this. Need this answered today.

A cylinder and a cone have the same volume. The cylinder has radius x and height y. The cone has radius 12x. Find the height of the cone in terms of y.
8th Grade Math Help


need help with math question

At a basketball​ game, a team made 52successful shots. They were a combination of​ 1- and​ 2-point shots. The team scored 86 points in all. Write and solve a system of equations to find the number... more
8th Grade Math


Slope intercept form equation for the line that is perpendicular

What is Y=2/5x-3 (2,-3) in slope intercept form
8th Grade Math Math Math Substitution


Solve the system of linear equations by substitution. Check your solution. y=2x+3 y=3x+5

Solve this by substituting.
8th Grade Math Math Exponential Functions


Math Question .

Does either y=2x or y=2x+1 represent an exponential function?


Math Question .

Carmelita's grandmother offered to sponsor her money when she competed in her swim meeting. Her grandmother said that she will give her $1 if she swims 1 lap, $3 if she swims 2 laps, $5 if she... more
8th Grade Math Prealgebra


Proportional relationships

Tomas collects sport cards. The number of baseball cards he buys each week is proportional to the number of football cards he buys. Fill in the missing numbers week 1 2. 3.... more
8th Grade Math Algebra 1


The product of a number and 4 plus 2 is 14

8th Grade Math


Solve: 3x + 15 - 7x = -7

A. 11/2B. 2/11C. 8D. -3
8th Grade Math Math Pre Algebra Freshman Math


The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel in Chicago has a circumference that is ​56% of the circumference of the first Ferris wheel built in 1893.

What is the radius of the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel?What was the radius of the first ferris wheel?The first ferris wheel took 9 minutes to make a complete revolution. How fast was the wheel moving?
8th Grade Math Math Algebra Pre Algebra


You collect a total of $80 in donations from three people. The three donations are in the ratio 3 : 3 : 10. How much do the two people donate that donate the same amount?

How much greater is the largest donation than the smaller donations? (question continued)

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