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How would you simplify 34x^2-34x+34x^2-1=

Im a bit confused and not sure how to simplify the problem

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1 Answer

first you combine like-terms. anything that's a constant (without x) put them together. In this care, the only constant is 1. The other like terms involve the same vairables (such as x and x^2) combine those by adding or subtracting depending on if the sign  is positive or negative

so let's put like terms together

34x^2     +34x^2



those are all the like terms. We add 34x^2 and 34x^2 together since they're both multiplied by x^2 and they're both positive numbers, giving us 68x^2

-34x doesn't have anyone to combine with, nor does -1. so they stay as is

68x^2 - 34x - 1 is your answer assuming the instructions were only to simplify like this.