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Monomials Algebra


I need help with an exponentiation problem

I have to solve this:3h × (-h2 )When I tried it, I got 3h3 as a result, yet the answer key says it should be -3h3 I don't understand why 3 becomes negative. My logic was the following: -h2 is the... more


What ARE monomials?

I have taken math with an old lady I cant understand and I need help with this concept.


(3X^2+2X-7) - (2X^2-6X-7) Help with this Monomial & Polynomials question?

Hi, could anyone help me with the monomial & polynomial question? (3X^2+2X-7) - (2X^2-6X-7)


A gigabyte is approximately a million bytes, but it is exactly 2^x bytes. What is x, and how many bytes is it exactly.

This is a question that I am have trouble with.
Monomials Algebra 2 Gfc


Finding the GCF and LCM of monomials

The Facts:  A hardware store has two pieces of glass. The area of the first piece is represented by the monomial 36x^2y^3. The area of the second piece is represented by the monomial... more


Help with GCF and Monomials?

There are three monomials such that the greatest common factor of the first and second monomials is 2xy, and the greatest common factor of the second and third monomials is 2x2y. The greatest... more


Find the degree of each monomial

Monomials Mononomial Monomial


Which of the following is a monomial?

Which of the following is a monomial? Choose one answer. A. 12c   B. c2 - 16   C. c2 + c + 6   D. c3 + 4c2 - 12c + 7
Monomials Exponents Exponent


What are some simple rules of exponents, Ex: •if the base is ten, whatever number the exponent is, that's how many zeros.

I really need help with this. The assignment is due tomorrow morning, and I can't think at all. I really appreciate it. 


Multiplying and Dividing Monomials

In this problem you will investigate area and volume.  The formulas A=s squared and V=s to the third power can be used to find the area of a square and the volume of a cube.   Side Length  - Area... more


Multiplying and Dividing Monomials

The smallest species of sea cucumbers are about 10 Millimeters long.  The larges sea cucumbers are more than 10 to the second power times longer than the smallest sea cucumbers.  What is the... more
Monomials Simplify


show simplified pattern of multiplied monomials

I have homework on multipling monomials and I need help on how to find the pattern to simplify process.



The number following the ^ is an exponent.


What is a monomial?

What is it used for? Why was it brought up and what do i need to know about it?


Simplify. a2xa6

assume that no variable equals 0

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