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Windows application to emboss date on photos?

Looking for Windows application that will quickly and easily emboss a date onto JPG images (photographs), preferably obtained from the EXIF data. Being able to perform the function on a group... more


FileZilla alternative (free FTP Client) without bundled crapware?

I just tried to download FileZilla from SourceForge. It tries to install some random homepage from an unpopular and useless provider. It is definitely not reliable anymore. So what is the... more


Is there a good stable free PDF editor?

I work for a non-profit organization and we have a lot of staff that need to work with PDFs. Our designers etc have the Adobe suite but that is quite expensive and I do not want to purchase a lot... more

Tool to remember clipboard content?

Often I use the same terms/sentances/code-segments and want to reuse them during development. I could define snippets in my IDE but I want to use those anywhere and I want to be able to search in... more


OneNote alternative for Windows, Linux, and Android?

I’m looking for an alternative to Microsoft OneNote. I usually use OneNote to sync my notes between my Windows 8 computer and my Android phone, but I’ve been using Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) quite often... more


Is there a program to control other computers from another computer?

Is there a good **remote desktop software tool** that I can use to control my Windows and Linux PCs from my Mac, and vice-versa? I don't care if it uses up lots of internet bandwidth. Desired... more


Login to Windows via a USB key?

I am looking for a program that allows me to login to any user on my computer via a USB. This means that I also get an option to insert my USB key when I am asked to select the user... more

Windows free program for batch watermarking files?

I'm publishing albums of photos on my blog and Facebook and I'd like to add watermarks to them. I've found tutorials for programs such as Gimp, but they require long manually applying procedure... more

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