Paul S.

asked • 12/01/20

I need help and the steps on how to solve this

Find the directrix for the parabola

LaTeX: y+1=\frac{1}{16}\left(x-2\right)^2

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Dayv O.

yes, I checked my work and something did not add up. general equation, ((x-xfocus)^2/(2*yfocu-2*ydirectix))=y-(yfocus/2+ydirectix/2) simultaneous equations now (yf/2)+(yd/2)=-1 2*yf-2*yd=16 and yes ydirectix is y=-5 and yfocus =3 so at vertex, x=2, the distance from directix to vertex and distance from focus to vertex are equal which is the deirvation/definition of a parabola.


Paul S.

Ohh okay thank you tho


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