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How can I become a better sightreader?

I'm preparing for an audition that includes sight-reading and I want to get better at sight-reading in general. Do you have any advice?
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What creates a minor pentatonic scale?


Music Questions

I need clearly to a question. I thought the answer was 1-D-Flat major. According to my study notes from school, whatever music piece the concert pitch is in, you would lower the key for... more
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Bass notes in guitar chords

Hi! I'm curious why the bass notes in some guitar chords aren't the lowest. In the D Chord, the D note is the second lowest. I wonder what I'm missing.Thank you
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Scale degree names

1. If D is the Tonic, what is the Dominant?2. If F# is the Leading Tone, what is the Sub-dominant?3. If C is the Super-tonic, what is the Mediant?4. If A is the Mediant, what is the Dominant? 5. If... more
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What is this song?

I will upload the song in the website I will show the link in here
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What is an Alberti bass?

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The dominant 7th chord consists of?

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What is the difference between a natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scale?

These are 3 different minor scales.
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Specific Tutoring for ADHD Brain

Hi there,I am looking of someone to help me in Music Theory, but am afraid of the challenges they may face with my ADHD. It requires patience and an open mind for teaching methods. Do you know... more
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What is the difference between a tie and a slur?

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Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton?

Thoughts on The Battle of Yorktown from Hamilton performance? What are the performing forces?is there action taking place or does it seem that time has stopped and the singer is emoting? Or, both... more
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Which intervals are considered 'perfect' intervals?

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How do you write a melody?

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Every note has a corresponding rest with equal value

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What is an easy way to remember the music modes?

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What is this cadence?: IV - I , iv - i

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Are sus chords major or minor?

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What is a Picardy third?

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Note finder online

I need to find a website that lets me upload a video of a beat and it gives me the note of that beat. To be more specific I'm uploading a video of someone clapping and in exchange i need the... more

How to Read Music

Reading Treble clef remember this phrase for line notes(a line note has a line going through the note head ): --------------------------------------------------------------Fly... more
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When is steve perrys birthday

I am doing a project research, trying to figure out!!
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Cadences and Their Uses

Hey musicians and song writers! I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is familiar with cadences and how they are used in songwriting, theory (jazz and classical) and how you can use them in your... more
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What is solfege?

Learn more about what solfege is and why it is important in understanding music theory!

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