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If I were to join the military, other than mechanics and aviation etc., is there really any math envolved

I want to join the military and was wondering if i'm ever going to need to know how to do all these crazy equations and factoring and a lot more

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For the most part, no. But it all depends on the job you get and the branch you go into. You'll need to know the math you learn in high school to get a good score on the ASVAB test. The better you score on your ASVAB, the more jobs you can choose from. You might want a job that doesn't require math, but it MAY require a high ASVAB score. Don't ignore that math, you'll need it for your test!

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 Yes. Absolutely. Although some jobs require more than others, math is definitely essential.
Some of the math needs are:
  Azimuth of fire when in battle,
  amount of time it will take to move a squad from one point to another,
  amount of fuel it will take to move a unit or supplies,
  figuring the pulse rate of a fallen soldier to render first aid,
  how to figure evaluation scores for yourself or subordinates,
  obtaining the proper setting for a fuse so that the shell goes off when it is most effective.
  The military supports the defense of this or other nations. This may put a soldier or sailor in harms way. Math enables us to think quickly, accurately and under pressure. You might be able to enlist without a strong math background, but you will certainly need it for advancement to higher ranks or rates.
  I speak as a Veteran. There was math all around.