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Mental or Physical?

With any controlled sport at the highest level: is the game Mental, Physical or both? If it is both how much each?


Video game ideas

I have a great love for video games since my childhood and until now I have played hundreds of games, from time to time I write a video game idea, I write the story and the way to play, but I was... more


Action-adventure game for learning to use a gamepad?

I am trying to teach my fiance to play action-adventure cooperative games. I started with *Rayman Origins* and *Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light*, but they both require some experience handling... more


Easy Problem, But Confused

If the sum of two numbers is 9, and the difference is 3, what is the larger and small number? I know it's pretty easy, but i have missed class recently. Thanks!


Need a research question relating to 2D games

Hello, I'm a college student studying my final year. A few research questions I've come up with: Does higher graphical fidelity correspond to stronger emotional impact compared to lower graphical... more

How do I display the a string a random amount of time and print it out?

I am writing the Nim game program and my teacher wants me to be able to display "Pile 1: @@@@" and other piles as well. The thing is that, the "@" symbol needs to be produced a random amount of... more

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