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A new QBASIC IDE, (21st century one)?

I'm looking for a modern IDE/Compiler that supports QBASIC programs and has the same or almost similar syntax as of QBASIC. I want to stay as close to Qbasic as possible in terms of syntax, style,... more

Windows IDE for coding python?

PyCharm seems to be fine but I think it's not that good since is hard to step into and step over than Visual Studio. However Visual Studio seems to lack what PyCharm is able to do which is create a... more


What IDE to use for Python?

What IDEs ("GUIs/editors") do others use for Python coding?

IDE for web development (including PHP and JS)?

What's the best web development IDE that you've come across, that also handles Core PHP work and JS very well (eg. AngularJS)? **Required:** - Extremely fast -- *there's nothing more annoying... more

NetBeans aficionados looking for a Python IDE?

I used to develop Java or HTML/PHP project on NetBeans. I appreciate a number of its functionality like : - Fast code libraries browsing - Code refactoring - Auto-completion - Highlight syntax... more

Python IDE with rich features: code completion, debugging, etc?

I'm looking for a good IDE for Python that should run on Windows 7 and higher. The program should ideally support the following features: - Syntax highlighting - Code Completion - Debugger... more

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