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cost of 4 wallets is the same as the cost of 3 dresses. the cost of 2 wallets and 1 dress is $320 . what is the cost of 1 dress

 We need an answer urgently
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Formula that predicts the location of moving enemy

A rocket that explodes not on impact, but explodes on a timer will be shot from myself to the enemy. The timer can only be inputted at the start of the shot. The rocket can only go straight and has... more
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I need help on this!!

A recipe calls for 1                         8teaspoon of vanilla extract. If the recipe is doubled, how much vanilla extract is needed?
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Over the weekend, Carrie drank 2/3 of a bottle of soda and Lucy drank 1/4 of a bottle. How much more soda did Carrie drink than Lucy?

It can be in fraction form only i need help with this im so tierd
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Mari and jen each work 20 hours a week at different jobs. Mari earns twice as much as Jen. Together they earn $480. How much does girl earn in a week?

Please explain your answer and the expression you would use and the answer
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7+42 weritten as a product of the gcf and a sum

 it just a gcf
Math Question


Please help. What must be true about the denominator of a fraction in order for the fraction to correspond to a terminating decimal? Explain.

What must be true about the denominator of a fraction in order for the fraction to correspond to a terminating decimal? Explain.
Math Question


Making a profit

 Students can buy enough candy to fill a bag for $.50 each. They also need $60 to buy bags and ribbons to keep the candy together as well as materials for advertising the sale. They sell each bag... more
Math Question


If you ask 500 people, how many would you expect to play baseball?

Suppose 48 out of every 120 people like baseball and of the people who like baseball, 3 out of 5 play baseball.
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Elsa made $234 for18 hours of work. At the same rate, how many hours would she have to work to make $91?

For Math Homework
Math Question


I want to share 3submarine sandwiches among 12 people. What should each person get

For each of the following, illustrate the situation and provide at least 2 different answers. Remember from class, units are vital.Assume everyone receives equal-sized pieces
Math Question


which of the following is the equation of a line that passes through the point (1,2) and is parallel to the x-axis

a. x=1 b. x=2 c. y=1 d. y=2

In ____ months the total cost of each health club will be the same

You are choosing between two health clubs. Club A offers membership for a fee of $ 19 plus a monthly fee of $ 19. Club B offers membership for a fee of $ 11 plus a monthly fee of $ 23. After how... more
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Installation cost.

Roofing material costs $95.40 per square (10 ft by 10 ft). The roofer also charges $85.75 per square for labor and $7.65 per square for other supplies. Find the cost of installing a roof that is... more
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A child has nine coins with a total value of 136 cents. What coins does the child have?

Math help with solving this word problem 
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Item 13 Find one terminating decimal and one repeating decimal between -1/2 and −1/3

Can i have help or the answer soon as in like two days soon?????
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How do I solve this math question?

If x and y are rational numbers and (3+4 (sqrt(3)) (x+y (sqrt(3)) =26, find the sum of x and y.
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if 1 day = 1000 years, then 1 min= ___ days

1 day equals 1000 years then 1 min is equals to how many days
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ahhhhh help me pls

You are set to pour the slab for a new house in winter and are interested in whether it rains or not, as this affects what work can be done. Concrete requires three days of it not raining to set... more


joe sold 15 Tshirts for a total of 82.50 what is the unit price

joe sold 15 shirts for a total of 82.50 what is the unit price   
Math Question


If I have a $3402 bill how much does the person need to pay on it to get it down to 30 %?

If someone has a 3,402.00 bill. How much should they pay to get it down to 30 %? 
Math Question


What would happen if 1 was considered a prime number

How would the fundamental theorem of arithmetic be affected if 1 was a prime number?
Math Question


If a 120 pound person burns 410 calories @12 miles per hour what would a 150 pound person burn

If a 150 pound person burns 410 calories at 12mi/hr how many does a 120 pound person burn
Math Question


What is 24+40 using the distributive property

                                  Hey it's Ethan new phone number in case y'all want to go back to up the way 
2 4 5 6 7 40

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