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solve proportion

-4/9=3/n  __/(decimal)

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2 Answers

Using moving method:



So, n = -27/4 = -6.75


Introduction to moving method:

Rule 1: If you move a term from one side of equation to the other side, you change the sign of the term.

Rule 2: If you move a factor from one side of equation to the side, you flip it.

You may have learned that in a/b = c/d, b and c are called means, while a and d are the extremes.

Use the fact that the product of the means equals the product of the extremes (bc=ad).

In this your case of -4/9 = 3/n, we have:

9*3 = -4n

27 = -4n

-27/4 = n

Thus in decimal, n = -6.75