Angelica J.

asked • 10/12/16

Can someone please help me with LIGHT WAVELENGTHS??! BIOLOGY/CHEMISTRY

Hello. I am struggling a bit with understanding the concepts of transmission, absorption, and reflection, and was wondering if my thought process is correct for these questions.
1. What can be concluded about a dye that makes liquid look green?
I think that the dye contains electrons in molecular orbitals that correspond to different energies. A dye that makes liquid look green is absorbing the wavelengths of light that correspond to blue and red? Is THIS BECAUSE the wavelenghts for blue and red match the gap in energy differences between orbitals?  The dye is able to make the liquid look green because it is reflecting back the wavelength for green? The dye has energy ‘gaps’ between its molecular orbitals that have the same wavelengths of visible light colors except for green.
One of the things that really stumps me is whether or not the color we are seeing, green, is being reflected or transmitted. Could it be either? If so, what dictates whether the wavelength that corresponds to visible green light is reflected or transmitted back for our eyes to see?

2. What is happening to a leaf that looks green to your eye? Remember, in this case you’re not looking through the leaf (more correctly, light is not passing through the leaf from the back).
I am guessing that a leaf that looks green to the eye is not actually ‘green’. Is it that the cells of leaves have chlorohyll pigments that are absorbing high amounts of wavelengths for blue and red and REFLECTING/TRANSMITTING the green wavelength?

Once again, I am just stuck on understanding these concepts and whether or not we are seeing the reflected or transmitted light. I am assuming the hint is saying that it might not be transmission, but I don't really know.
Thank you for all the help!!!!

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Alejandro L. answered • 10/12/16

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Brandon J. answered • 10/12/16

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