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Projectile Math Physics


I need help with this physics question please I cannot solve it. Please explain your work if you don't mind.

A F-35 jet fighter moving horizontally at 200 m/s drops a missile, the missile immediately fires its engine, accelerating at 20 m/s^2 in the x-direction while it makes a free fall in the... more
Projectile Math Science Physics


I need help with this problem in depth please

A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff 125m above ground level with an initial speed of 65 m/s at an angle of 0 above the horizontal. a) Determine the time taken by the projectile to hit... more
Projectile Math Science Physics


i've spent hours trying to figure this out but i can't

1) A tiger leaps horizontally from a 6.5m height rock with a speed of 3.5m/s. How far from the base of the rock will the tiger land? The tiger will land 4 meters away from the rock2) A projectile... more
Projectile Physics Forces Vectors


Understanding the trajectory of a projectile?

It is stated that a projectile's motion can be divided into individual vectors. Now according to the laws of physics, the forces acting in the y-direction will never cancel or affect the force... more

How can I show that the range of a projectile will be the same for two complementary angles using trig identities?

How can I show that the range of a projectile will be the same for two complementary angles using trig identities?


Projectile motion - solving for launch velocity

A ball is hit at an initial velocity, 30° (above the horizontal) off a 20 m high cliff. Solve for the launch velocity given that the ball hits the ground at a speed of 25.1 m/s


Frankie shot an artillery shell at a 40 degree angle. The shell had a muzzle velocity of 230 m/s. How far did the shell go before it hit the ground?

I believe these are the knowns: X- Vxi= 230cos40 (176.19), vxi = vxf, ax=0. Y- Vyi= 230sin40 (147.84) vyf= -147.84, ay= -9.8. I used the equations vyf=vyi + at, to find t. I used Δx=vxit + .5at2. I... more


Spring Projectile

you design a clever, spring-loaded, buried cannon that fires a dodgeball. The cannon is frictionless and buried in the ground at an angle θ=49.7° with respect to the horizontal. Inside the cannon... more


A seemingly impossible projectile motion problem

A bomber flies at a speed of 60 m/s, 1100 m above the ground. With its target 900 m away horizontally (on the ground), what is the vertical launch speed needed to drop the bomb to reach its target?


At what maximum height will a baseball reach if it is thrown and received at an initial height of 5 feet between a distancel

At what maximum height will a baseball reach if it is thrown and received at an initial height of 5 feet between a distance of 120 feet? The ball was launched 30 degrees with the Horizontal
Projectile Physics Laws Of Motion


Projectile Question on Range

A projectile is thrown with speed 50√2 m/s at angle of 45° with horizontal. At the highest point it explodes into three fragments of equal mass of which one of the fragment retraces its path,the... more
Projectile Physics


Is the launch velocity of a projectile shot an angle higher compared to a projectile launched horizontally?

This is assuming that there is no air resistance. Also, it is launched by the same launcher. 
Projectile Quadratic Equations


Quadratic projectile

company uses c(x)=-4.5x^2+150x to represent customers and x to represent weeks. how many weeks can the company expect no new customers?
Projectile Physics Velocity


Physics Projectile Motion

Question: A landscape architect is planning an artificial waterfall in a city park. Water flowing at 1.75 m/s will leave the end of a horizontal channel at the top of a vertical wall h = 3.35 m... more


Finding minimum distance between two particles ( kinematics)

A particle is dropped from the building of height 100m and another particle was projected at an angle 60° with the horizontal with intial velocity u=60m/s at the same time. Find the minimum... more
Projectile Physics Mechanics


projectile, force of cannon

1. Assume that every projectile fired by a toy cannon experiences a constant net force F along the entire length of the barrel. If a projectile of mass m leaves the barrel of the cannon with a... more
Projectile Math Science Physics


Please help... Ive spent so long trying to figure this out.

The question is...   A projectile is shot from the edge of a cliff h = 285 m above ground level with an initial speed of v0 = 125 m/s at an angle of 37.0° with the horizontal, as shown in the... more


How tall is the building?

A 0.43 kg rock is projected from the edge of the top of a building with an initial velocity of 11.1 m/s at an angle 50? above the horizontal. Due to gravity, the rock strikes the ground at a... more


How long does it take for the projectile to reach its target?

answer in units of s. (Assume no friction). (This is part three of the cannon question).


How high is the highest point of the trajectory?

answer in units of m. (Part two to my last question on the cannon).


What is the magnitude of the initial velocity?

a cannon sends a projectile towards a target a distance 1570m away. The initial velocity makes an angle 22 degrees With the horizontal. The target is hit. Acceleration of gravity is 9.8m/s2 And... more


Find its horizontal range

(this is part two to the last question I asked about the artillery shell). 


Find the total time of the shell

an artillery shell is fired at an angle of 62.9 degrees above the horizontal ground with an initial speed of 1680 m/s. Acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2. Neglect air resistance. Answer in units... more


Physics Help

Samantha fires a rubber band from a balcony 20m high at an angle of 30° above the horizontal. It strikes the ground 10.4s later.   a) Find the initial speed   b) Find the magnitude and... more


find initial velocity with the given: time=1.37s, gravity accelaration=-9.8m/s^2,distance=-1.0m

its about projectiles but im using one of the kinematics formula d=vi(t)+(1/2)(a)(t)^2 to find initial velocity but im having hard time with it.

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