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write an equation for the given

Write an equation for a rational function with:Vertical asymptotes at x = -3 and x = -6x intercepts at x = 4 and x = 1Horizontal asymptote at y = 4


transformation graph

A function f is given, and the indicated transformations are applied to its graph (in the given order). Write the equation for the final transformed graph. f(x) = 4 x ; reflect in the y-axis and... more


Im confused college pre calc

Give an example of two functions f and g where f g(x) = x for all x in the domain of g, but g f(x) , x for all x in the domain of f


If y varies inversely as​ x

If y varies inversely as​ x, and y=19 when x=4​, find y when x=6??? Im lost. just show the steps plz... help


If cos A = 2/3 and 0 ∘ < A < 90 ∘ , then tan A =

I need help solving this please help.


Average rate of change between 0 and 5

Average rate of change of f between 0 and 5   F(x)=1/(2×+5) 


1, -2, 3+i degree 4

find a polynomial f(x) of degree 4 with real coefficients and follow the zeros. 1,-2, 3+i


Question is in the description

Two patrol boats leave cape May at the same time,the same speed, but on different bearings l. One has bearing 40° 47' the other has bearing 52° 18'. How far apart will they be when they are 23... more


Word Problem Help!

A fourth-grade class decides to enclose a rectangular garden, using the side of the school as one side of the rectangle. What is the max area that the class can enclose using 32 ft of fence? What... more


You have two dishes of lasagna. One dish measures 6” by 15”. The second dish measures 9” by 12”. You want to cut the lasagna into equal sized servings.

You have two dishes of lasagna. One dish measures 6” by 15”. The second dish measures 9” by 12”.   a) You want to cut the lasagna into equal sized servings with nothing left over. What is the... more


Is C=2pi(r) a power function?

Is C=2Πr an example of a power function? If so can you state the power and constant of variation, and state it in the form of f(x)=k*x^a?


A merchant blends tea that sells for $5.85 a pound with tea that sells for $2.85 a pound to produce 90 lb of a mixture that sells for $3.25 a pound. How many p

(end of question) pounds of each type of tea does the merchant use in the blend?


Find the area of triangle NPQ.

Points of Triangle NPQ N (-14, -1)  P (10, -3) Q (6, 7) Round only the final answer to 3 significant digits. Be sure to write the appropriate fornula and show your substitution.


Find the value of k if the line joining point D (8, k) and point E (3, -9) is perpendicular to the line 3x-2y=11

Answers must be in fractions and/or radicals NOT rounded decimals 


Given points A (-4,5) and B (6,-9), find the value of n so that point C (n,2) is equidistant from points A and B.

No, the 2 is not a typo, it is not -2


the sum of a three digit number is 13. The third number is twice the first and is also equal to one less than the sum of the first two numbers

 Pre calc system of equations word problem. Need help ASAP! Please provide the equations and how to solve them.


Position Vectors and Coordinate Geometry

A space shuttle is moving in a straight line and is traveling at a constant speed. It takes 3 hours to get from A to B and 1 hour to get from B to C. Relative to a suitable set of axes, A is the... more


Ferris wheel multiple questions

4)  Another Ferris wheel has a radius of 25 feet and reaches a maximum height of 55 feet above the ground. From the location of your seat when the wheel starts turning, it takes you 6 seconds to... more


Prove that 1-tan^2x/1-cot^2x=cos^2x-1/cos^2x

I have to show my work on this problem but I don't even know how to get started on it. 


How do you do this (pre calc) limits

what is the answer to (this is pre calc limits) x+5/x^2-25 (x--> -5) 



use the fundamental identities to simplify the expression  sin(-x) cot(x)/ sin(pi/2-x)


find the inverse

  2   +1  x+2  


Pre Calculus question on homework, really struggling

A hangar is formed of a half cylinder with a rectangular base and two open, semicircular ends. The curved roof costs $7 per ft2 to build. Find an expression that represents the cost per volume of... more

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