Nikki C.

asked • 05/09/18

Function word problem

Twitter monthly worldwide active users increased approximately linearly from 42 million users in 2010 to 218 million users in 2013. Let n be the number(in millions) of worldwide active users of twitter at t years since 2000. Find an equation of a linear model to describe the data.

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Andy C. answered • 05/09/18

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Math/Physics Tutor

Andy C.

I respectfully disagree.
At time t=0, the enrollment will be 2000
At time t=10 years, the enrollment will be much WORSE.
The independent variable is the number of years since 2000
Intercept B = y - mx where m is the slope and (x,y) is a point on the line.
               slope m=176/3 ;   Using (2010-2000,42) --> X=10 and y=42
      Then the intercept is B = y - mx = 42 - 10*176/3 = -544 and 2/3


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