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Moment Of Inertia Calculus Geometry Physics


Volume & principal moments of inertia

I want to find the principal moments of inertia of a parallelepiped.What is the volume of the parallelepiped with sides a,2a and 2a


Moment of Inertia

So I have had these questions confusing me for some time and tried googling but came up with long , hard-to-understand equations and notations and articles. So I would be glad if someone could... more


Moment of Inertia

A cheerleader has a batton consisting of light rod of 1m and an point mass of 1/2kg at each end.Find the moment of inertia about1.an axis perpendicular to the rod and passing through the... more
Moment Of Inertia Math Physics Mathmatics


Physics: What is her momentum of Inertia?

A figure skater can increase her angular velocity from a speed of 2.00 revolutions in 3.00 seconds to 5.00 revolutions in 2.00 seconds by bringing her arms in. If her moment of inertia was 4.60 kg... more

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