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Fluid Dynamics Physics


Fluid dynamics question

A siphon is being used to drain water from a clogged sink. The sink has an area of 0.48 m2 and is filled to a height of 4 cm. The siphon tube rises 50 cm above the bottom of the sink and then... more
Fluid Dynamics Physics Pressure Fluids


Fluid Dynamics Question

A patient is to be given a blood transfusion. The blood is to flow through a tube from a raised bottle to a needle inserted in the vein. The inside diameter of the 4.0 cm long needle is 0.40 mm and... more


What is the difference between an inertial instability and a symmetric instability?

Inertial and symmetric instabilities are fluid instabilities present in atmosphere and ocean. What are the difference between an inertial instability and a symmetric instability?
Fluid Dynamics Physics Forces Pressure


Physics behind the flow of gas coming out of a balloon?

I'm working with stratospheric balloons (latex ones) and I want to put a valve on it so it can float for a longer time. I'm trying to define which valve I should use, which demands I estimate the... more


Why does Coriolis determine the rotation direction of a cyclone but not my drain?

It is a common misconception that Coriolis is responsible for the direction the water swirls down a toilet, tub or sink drain. E.g. does a toilet flush the other way in the southern hemisphere? (If... more
Fluid Dynamics Physics Forces Buoyancy


Why does a helium filled ballon move forward in a car when the car is accelerating?

I noticed that when I had a helium filled, latex ballon inside of my car, it moved forward in the cabin as I accelerated forward. The faster I accelerated forward, the faster the ballon went from... more
Fluid Dynamics Calculus Physics Parabolas


If I have a spinning bowl of water...

A spinning liquid of any sort forms a paraboloid; a three dimensional parabolic shape. Therefore, you can apply the physics principles relating to centripetal motion to any mass, m, on the surface... more


A fluid mechanics question, please help.

A vertical rectangular gate, 3m wide and 2m high is hinged at H. On the left side of the gate, sea water lies up to a height 1.2m above the top of the gate. Whereas on the right side of the gate,... more
Fluid Dynamics Physics


The flow rate of blood through a 2.00 ? 10-6 m radius capillary is 3.80 ? 10-9 cm3/s.

(a) What is the blood velocity? (This small velocity allows time for diffusion of materials to and from the blood.) (b) Assuming all the blood in the body passes through capillaries, how many of... more

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