Angel B.

asked • 03/03/18

Graph and find the domain and range of the function

My class is in the functions section now but i can't figure out how to solve this problem. I've tried using multiple examples of the functions we've gone over but none seem to work especially when it comes to finding the doman and range which they also ask for in the problem.  please help me with this. And please show how  you did it so i can understand and do other problems like this in the future.

Mark M.

Use grouping symbols to identify denominator.


Angel B.

what would be considdered grouping symbols?


Kenneth S.

y = (7x - 5) / [3 + 4/(x+1)]  is an example in which grouping symbols are reqjuired to make the order of operations clear.  


1 Expert Answer


Kenneth S. answered • 03/03/18

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