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enzymes * the dna

Enzymes * the DNA. Fill in the blank.


During transcription, mRNA is copied from a chromosome. But since the chromosomes are in homologous pairs, which chromosome in the pair is the mRNA made from?

And does it matter from which chromosome in the pair the mRNA is copied from? I think it does because the two chromosomes have different alleles. 


Biology: Replication, Transcription, and Translation

Fill in the chart below using the mRNA Codon chart to translate the genetic code.   |DNA Template| mRNA Codon| tRNA Anticodon| Amino... more


What is a label moiety on gene probe?

I'm a biology student and I'm now currently studying about gene probe. So there's this part where I read that shorter probe has a disadvantage where its not possible to put sufficient label... more


DNA Extraction of a Wheat Germ.

So, our class did a DNA extraction of a wheat germ. From this lab I learned that putting warm water in to the wheat germ allows the fats in the membrane that surround the cells and the nucleus, to... more


DNA Earth Science Question

If you look under a microscope and saw a particle with DNA but no nucleus you would know the particle was:   1.  Protist 2.  a plant cell 3.  an animal cell 4.  a unicellular... more
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