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You have called into a software company as an independent consultant .In recent months, the quality of the software being sold has taken a distinct drop. You have been asked to identify ways in which the quality can be increased. Initial investigation shows that testing has been poorly carried out, and since the retirement of the production manager, has become virtually nonexistent.
The company has three separate software divisions, namely
• Computer games
• Office applications
• Production control systems

Identify the types of testing that need to be initiated in the company
Determine the division where testing is to implemented

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Instigate a formal testing process with test strategies, test plans, test cases, and recorded test results at each level of testing: unit, system, end-to-end, performance, and acceptance.  You may need to hire a test manager or add that function to an existing job or jobs.  For example, this could be added to each project manager, product  line manager or support manager to approve each change going into production, by verifying tests have been properly performed. There may be different levels of testing for the different divisions but all need to follow the guidelines.  Customer facing applications would need to do the most testing.  Production control requires significant testing compared to standard applications.  However, all software needs to be tested.  As part of this, you would need to institute metrics for testing at each stage which can be tracked to see improvement.  I could write a book on the subject but I do not think you need a book.  I did this kind of thing for many years.