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if else confusing problem?

In this program no matter how many times i run it it wont print out the statement in bold. shouldnt it print evert statement after else? it will only print "HI-6"     #include... more
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Write a C++ if statement

Write a C++ if statement that displays the message “The score is invalid.” if the variable score is outside the range 0 through 100.*Assume the variable score has already been declared and... more
C++ Program


Write a loop that displays the following set of numbers: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, ….., 995, 1000

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If you declare an integer pointer as int *pt; and you declare an integer variable as int num; , then which of the following is legal?

A. num = &pt; B. pt = # C. *num = *pt; D. &num = pt; Please do not mention C. 
C++ Program


a. Create the vector via an initialization list.b. Provide the length of the vector using the sizeof() function.c. Create a function printVector() to visualize

 This is how you will display the results: a. Create a second vector identical to the original,b. Print either vector,c. Execute MaRe on the original vector,d. Print the sorted original vector,e.... more
C++ Program


solve the conversion of time in c++

Contains a class “time24”. The class contains hr, mn and sec integer data members. The class should have a constructor to assign initial values, a function to input time from user in 24 Hour format... more
C++ Program


random monoalphabet cipher

Random monoalphabet cipher.The caeser cipher, which shifts all letters by a certain amount, is easy to decipher. Try this, instead of numbers use letters. Consider this, the word is FEATHER. Remove... more
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Write C++ code that collects user input and creates output

Our program will create a brief musical phrase just 6 notes long. For simplicity, the notes will be in the C-Major scale, meaning no sharps or flats, just the base notes C, D, E, F, G, A, and B.... more


How to get a job without degree?

I am pursuing core java.after that i will do android.i did c++.so plz tell me can i get good job through thease certificates? If yes How?
C++ Program


File Handling C++

type cast string in TEXT file?  
C++ Program


create a program c++

My program doesn't open the file and it gives me some errors the name of the file is Numbers.txt   here the code;           #include <iostream>#include <fstream>#include... more
C++ Program


how can i solve this problem?

write a program to simulate the popular traditional Malaysian game “Congkak”. In order to do this, you should first understand the rules of the game. You may use additional capabilities of the C++... more
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c++ program that is complicated i barely know anything in c++

how to create a program in c++ that reads html code text file and checks if tags are correct and at the same time showing all errors if file exists or the tags are not correct and writes all of the... more


C++ Programming Homework Due Tonight :(

I'm pretty sure this assignment is really easy but I haven't learned anything in the class. Basically he wants us to rewrite part of a program as a module. #include <iostream> using... more
C++ Program


C++ open a file to get data in a format other than ASCII text

If you open up a .png file, there are characters in there which fall outside the ASCII scheme. I am looking for a way to open a file (using c++) in some binary type of format. Basically, looking to... more
C++ Program


how to write a loop that fills a vector V with ten random numbers between 1 and 100

programming in C++.  the above question is all the info tha tI have
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can anyone tell me why this has errors?

For your assignment you are writing a number guessing game; with a twist. In your game, they are calculations where the user must guess the missing number(s). The Computer guesses a random... more

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